Little Fast + Fresh




We wanted to create a space we enjoy, service our favourite community and create the food we love to eat. We have lived in Okotoks for over five years and started a family within this community. We've watched the parades, played at the splash park and enjoyed the numerous downtown events year after year. We feel a great connection to this town. We wanted to make our mark and become part of the tight knit community of growers and makers. We work hard to source products locally for our menu, use compostable packaging, pay our staff living wages and strive to be as authentic as possible. 

We picked the name Little because we want to make the lives of others a Little easier. We know the struggles of balancing life, kids, careers, and all the burdens the day can throw at you. We truly want to improve your day, be the friendly face amongst the hustle and bustle, and fuel you with quality food so you can better face those challenges.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. We are excited to share this with all of you and hope to one day grow our "Little" spot into something big. 

-The Traxels



Executive Chef and Owner Jarod Traxel has spent 18 years in the industry. Prior to opening Little Fast + Fresh, Jarod was the executive chef of Blue Star Diner, Dairy Lane and Cannibale Bar and Barber shop. He took part in numerous cooking competitions and even judged some. When developing the menu for Little he was inspired by the joy created when cooking with our own children in our home. He strived to create a family friendly menu that still offered some unique items. 

The menu truly took shape when we started to find staple ingredients such as our bread from The Loft at Granary Road and local hydroponic herbs and lettuces. He was inspired by our community and named numerous items after streets and locations specific to Okotoks. He also strives to offer food to those of us with food allergies or dietary restrictions while still providing a quality meal made with thought and consideration.